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Spalt began during the 2020 lockdown period as a way to keep busy at home during those troubling times. What started as various upcycling projects, we transformed old furniture and soon began crafting items out of wood. Day by day we learnt more and more and have since invested in a workshop space and machinery to help our production run more smoothly. 

We are constantly striving to push our creative limits and learn new skills to create even more impactful pieces. 



What We Make And How We Make It

It all starts with wood selection. Once we have found the right pieces of timber and dried them we then move onto the planning stages of the items we are wanting to create. This can be a long process but we find it critical to achieving the best outcome, after all the saying goes that failing to plan is planning to fail!

Once a plan is in place the fun part begins which is a creating of the pieces. After the making of custom moulds, resin setting and de-moulding we are off to the workshop to craft the final items. 

Its a real labour of love and one we are enjoying even more as our imagination and skillset broadens further.

Live edge wood Elm
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