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Colour Palette

So, we’ve finally decided to step away from our usual - but ever so popular - blue and green resin pigments. As much as we love the way these colours compliment the woods we use, we know that they don’t suit every home interior. This month we’ve introduced other resin pigments to our products, namely the incense holders, coasters and candle holders. We’ve channelled the whole rainbow and used vibrant pinks, reds, purples and yellows. However, we’ve been conscious to keep the resin opaque enough to see the live edge of the wood. This look is also just the way we prefer the products to look, I guess some old habits die hard…

The ink pigments we use are the Curl colour pigments from Glass Cast. Link below

As always, the variations possible with resin art are vast and there’s many more we have yet to try. White and black mica powders have created some lovely effects for us previously, especially in our wood and resin clocks. So, we’d like to try some more pieces using this.

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