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The makings of our moulds

One of the many questions we get asked is how we create our wood and resin products, and more specifically our moulds, so I thought I’d do a short post briefly explaining the process.

Once we have our wood prepped and dried to the desired moisture percentage, we create our moulds ourselves from melamine. The edges are then corked to prevent any leakages and left to dry for 24 hours. We then place the prepped wood into the moulds and weigh them down to stop them rising during the pour.

Next is the messy part – we dress up in our ‘breaking bad’ style outfits and start the science experiment! We mix our two-part epoxy resin together, add our pigments and pour into the moulds. We learnt very early on that this part of the process isn’t as easy as the YouTube videos make it look. There are a few other steps to consider such as temperature control, depth of pour, base coats etc.

Finally, after 5-7 days of curing, we de-mould the products and start on the flattening process. It’s a time-consuming method but we find that making our own moulds gives us more flexibility in our products. Because of this were able to create ‘made to measure’ pieces and can offer bespoke pieces in any size. For quotes on your very own products, head to our ‘create your own’ page.

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